Welcome to Loch Haven

Dear neighbor:

Welcome to our community website, we are hoping to make our site a hub of communication and to be able to provide you with timely and frequent information.

If you are new to the neighborhood, we are excited to have you here! Loch Haven is a great neighborhood to raise kids, make friends and grow older.

We are currently embarked in the project of becoming digital. What a chore! Pardon our mess while we are getting the data online, getting all members registered and getting ourselves accustomed to update and maintain the site for everyone.

We have plenty of ideas to implement, but we have decided that, for now, if we can get everyone registered, our minutes and calendar up to date and the invoices available for member to review, pay online or download to pay by check, we will have made a huge leap towards the digital world.

The website will allow us to communicate more often but also to save everyone time and money, as we will no longer need to mail letter through the postal service, which is costly to the neighbors.


The Board of Directors